IEC 60034-6:1991 IEC Standards

IEC 60034-6:1991

IEC 60034-6:1991 pdf download.Rotating electrical machines - Part 6: Methods of cooling (IC Code). IEC 60034-6:1991 identifies the circuit arrangements and the methods of movement of the coolant in rotating electrical machines, classifies the methods of cooling...
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IEC 61109:2008 download IEC Standards

IEC 61109:2008 download

IEC 61109:2008 pdf download.Insulators for overhead lines - Composite suspension and tension insulators for a.c. systems with a nominal voltage greater than 1 000 V - Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria. IEC 61109:2008 applies to composite...
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IEC 60510-3-3:1988 pdf download IEC Standards

IEC 60510-3-3:1988 pdf download

IEC 60510-3-3:1988 pdf download.Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in satellite earth stations. Part 3: Methods of measurement on combinations of sub-systems. Section Three: Measurements for monochrome and colour television transmission. IEC 60510-3-3:1988 deals with methods...
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CEI/IEC 914-1988 free IEC Standards

CEI/IEC 914-1988 free

CEI/IEC 914-1988 pdf free download. Conference systems-Electrical and audio requirements. CEI/IEC 914-1988 applies to conference systems and to the parts of which they are composed or which are used as auxiliaries to such systems (headphones, microphones, amplification...
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IEC 60051-5:1985 download IEC Standards

IEC 60051-5:1985 download

IEC 60051-5:1985 pdf free download.Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories - Part 5: Special requirements for phase meters, power factor meters and synchroscopes. 1.1 Part 5 of this standard applies to direct acting...
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IEC 60805:1985 download IEC Standards

IEC 60805:1985 download

IEC 60805:1985 pdf free download.Guide for commissioning, operation and maintenance of storage pumps and of pump-turbines operating as pumps. I. Scope and object The purpose of IEC 60805:1985 is to establish, in a general way, suitable procedures...
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IEC 60034-4:1985 IEC Standards

IEC 60034-4:1985

IEC 60034-4:1985 pdf free download.Rotating Electrical Machines - Part 4: Methods For Determining Synchronous Machine Quantities From Tests. 1. Scope IEC 60034-4:1985 applies to three-phase synchronous machines of 1 kVA rating and larger with rated frequency of...
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IEC 60811-3-2:1985 free download IEC Standards

IEC 60811-3-2:1985 free download

IEC 60811-3-2:1985 pdf free download.Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables - Part 3: Methods specific to PVC compounds - Section Two: Loss of mass test - Thermal stability test. 1 Scope Replace...
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IEC 60704-2-2:1985 download IEC Standards

IEC 60704-2-2:1985 download

IEC 60704-2-2:1985 pdf free download.Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise emitted by household and similar electrical appliances. Part 2: Particular requirements for forced draught convection heaters. The conditions of measurement specified in this standard...
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IEC 60158-3:1985 download IEC Standards

IEC 60158-3:1985 download

IEC 60158-3:1985 pdf free download.Low-voltage controlgear. Part 3: Additional requirements for contactors subject to certification. 1. General This clause of IEC Publication 158-1: Low-voltage Controlgear, Part 1: Contactors, applies except as follows: 1.1 Scope First paragraph Replacement:...
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