IEEE 1680.1-2018 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 1680.1-2018 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE 1680.1-2018Standard Name:IEEE Standard for Environmental and Social Responsibility Assessment of Computers and DisplaysStandard Size:37MFile Format:PDFIntroduction:IEEE 1680.1-2018 pdf is free to download here. For the purposes of this standard, a product is a marketing model and...
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IEEE 515.1-2012 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 515.1-2012 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE 515.1-2012Standard Name:IEEE Standard for the Testing, Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Electrical Resistance Trace Heating for Commercial ApplicationsStandard Size:4.02MFile Format:PDFIntroduction:IEEE 515.1-2012 PDF is completely free for you to download.I just picked a small part of...
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ISO/IEC 27017-2015 pdf free download IEEE Standards

ISO/IEC 27017-2015 pdf free download

Standard Number:ISO/IEC 27017-2015Standard Name:Information technology — Security techniques — Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud servicesStandard Size:223KFile Format:PDFIntroduction:ISO/IEC 27017-2015 pdf is free to download. The guidelines contained within this Recommendation...
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IEEE 693-2018 free download IEEE Standards

IEEE 693-2018 free download

Standard Number:IEEE 693-2005 Standard Name:IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of SubstationsStandard Size:60.7MFile Format:PDFIntroduction:IEEE 693-2018 superseded IEEE 693-2005 1.1 Scope The recommended practice contains recommendations for the seismic design of substation buildings and structures, and the seismic design...
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IEEE 693-2005 free download IEEE Standards

IEEE 693-2005 free download

Standard Number:IEEE 693-2005Standard Name:IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of SubstationsStandard Size:26.3MFile Format:PDFIntroduction:This recommended practice is intended to establish standard methods of providing and validating the seismic withstand capability of electrical substation equipment. It provides detailed test...
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IEEE 2780-2019 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 2780-2019 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE 2780-2019 Standard Name:IEEE Standard for Insulation-Piercing Connectors Standard Size:14M File Format:PDF Introduction:1.1 Scope This standard defines and describes the technical requirements, tests, inspection rules, sign, and package of insulation-piercing connectors (IPCs) used in aerial insulated...
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IEEE 754-2019 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 754-2019 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE 754-2019 Standard Name:IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic Size:54.2M Format:PDF Introduction:Developed by the Microprocessor Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society. First of all, IEEE 754-2019 replaces IEEE 754-2008. This standard specifies interchange and arithmetic formats...
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IEEE 754-2008 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 754-2008 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE Std 754-2008 Standard Name:IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic Size:3.74M Format:PDF Introduction:Just now I checked the relevant information on the Internet. IEEE Std 754-2008 has been replaced by IEEE Std 754-2019. This PDF file is free...
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IEEE 2030.8-2018 pdf IEEE Standards

IEEE 2030.8-2018 pdf

Standard Number:IEEE 2030.8-2018 Standard Name:IEEE Standard for the Testing of Microgrid Controllers Size:3.87M Format:PDF Introduction:A key element of microgrid operation is the microgrid controller and more specifically the energy management system. The reason for establishing a standard...
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IEEE Std 2030.3-2016 IEEE Standards

IEEE Std 2030.3-2016

Standard Number:IEEE Std 2030.3-2016 Standard Name:IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Electric Energy Storage Equipment and Systems for Electric Power Systems Applications Size:8.38M Format:PDF Introduction:The test items and procedures of electric energy storage equipment and systems (ESS) for...
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