ISO/TR 9774:1990 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 9774:1990 pdf download

ISO/TR 9774:1990 pdf download.Thermal-insulation materials — Application categories and basic requirements — Guidelines for the harmonization of International Standards and other specifications. 1.1 This Technical Report lists common applications for thermal insu lating products for insulating of...
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ISO/TR 8285:1990 pdf free ISO Standards

ISO/TR 8285:1990 pdf free

ISO/TR 8285:1990 pdf free.Plain bearings — Evaluation of the tribological properties of polymer-based materials. This Technical Report deals with the tribological testing of bulk plastic specimens under specified working conditions, i.e. load, sliding velocity and temperature, without...
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ISO/TR 7821:1982 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 7821:1982 pdf download

ISO/TR 7821:1982 pdf download.Tobacco — Preparation and constitution of identical samples from the same lot (Code of practice, for collaborative studies for evaluating methods of test). The repeatability and the reproducibility of a particular laboratory method are...
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ISO/TR 5660-3:2003 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 5660-3:2003 pdf download

ISO/TR 5660-3:2003 pdf download.Reaction-to-fire tests — Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate — Part 3: Guidance on measurement. ISO/TR 5660 consists of the following parts, under the general title Reaction-to-fire tests — Heat release,smoke production...
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ISO/TR 4956:1984 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 4956:1984 pdf download

ISO/TR 4956:1984 pdf download.Wrought steels for use at elevated temperatures in engines. 1.1 This Technical Report covers technical delivery requirements and technical information for wrought steels supplied for parts such as bolts, blades, discs or casings in...
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ISO/TR 20983:2003 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 20983:2003 pdf download

ISO/TR 20983:2003 pdf download.Information and documentation — Performance indicators for electronic library services. ISO/TR 20983:2003 is applicable to all types of libraries in all countries. Limitations on the applicability of individual performance indicators are listed in the...
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ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download

ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download.Plastics — Determination of puncture impact behaviour of rigid plastics — Part 2: Instrumented impact testing. ISO 6603-2 specifies a test method for the determination of puncture impact properties of rigid plastics, in the...
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ISO 7194:2008 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO 7194:2008 pdf download

ISO 7194:2008 pdf download.Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits — Velocity-area methods of flow measurement in swirling or asymmetric flow conditions in circular ducts by means of current-meters or Pitot static tubes. Introduction In order to...
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ISO/TR 211:1999 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 211:1999 pdf download

ISO/TR 211:1999 pdf download.Essential oils — General rules for labelling and marking of containers. 1 Scope This Technical Report specifies the general rules for labelling and marking of containers for essential oils to enable identification of the...
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ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download ISO Standards

ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download

ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download.Road vehicles — Flashers — Functional allocation of terminals. Introduction Subcommittee ISO/TC 22/SC 3, Electrical connections, has studied the functional allocation of flasher terminals since 1971. In spite of efforts, and because of the...
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