IEC 60034-16-1:1991 pdf

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IEC 60034-16-1:1991 pdf download.Rotating electrical machines – Part 16: Excitation systems for synchronous machines – Chapter 1: Definitions.
This standard defines terms applicable to the excitation systems of synchronous rotating elecirical Machines.
2 General
2.1 Excitation system
The equipment providing the field current of a machine, including all regulating and control elements, as well as field discharge or suppression equipment and protective devices.
2.2 Exciter
The source of the electrical power providing the field current of the synchronous machine.
NOTE – Examples of the source aro:
—a rotating machIne, elther d.c. or a.o. with associated rectifiers
—one or several transformers with assoclated rectifiers
2.3 Excitation control
The control modifying the excitation power, responding to signals characteristic of the state of the system encompassing the synchronous machine, Its exciter, and the network to whIch It Is connected.
NOTE – Synchronous machine voltage is predominantly the controlled quantity
2.4 Field winding terminals
The place of input to the field winding of the machine.IEC 60034-16-1:1991 pdf download.

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