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IEC 60034-4:1985 pdf free download.Rotating Electrical Machines – Part 4: Methods For Determining Synchronous Machine Quantities From Tests.
1. Scope
IEC 60034-4:1985 applies to three-phase synchronous machines of 1 kVA rating and larger with rated frequency of not more than 400 Hz and not less than 15 Hz.
The test methods are not intended to apply to special synchronous machines such as permanent- magnet field machines, inductor type machines, etc.
While the tests also apply in general to brushless machines, certain variations do exist and special precautions should be taken.
2. Object
The object of this standard is to establish methods for determining characteristic quantities of three-phase synchronous machines from tests.
It is not intended that this standard should be interpreted as requiring the carrying out of any or all of the tests described therein on any given machine. The particular tests to be carried out shall be subject to a special agreement.
3. General
Tests for determining synchronous machine quantities should be conducted on a completely sound machine, all the devices for automatic regulation being switched off.
Unless otherwise stated, the tests are conducted at the rated speed of rotation.
3.1 Indicating measuring instruments and their accessories, such as measuring transformers, shunts and bridges used during tests, unless otherwise stated, should have an accuracy class not above 1.0 (IEC Publication 51: Direct Acting Indicating Analogue Electrical Measuring Instruments and their Accessories). The instruments used for determining d.c. resistances should have an accuracy class not above 0.5.
It is not intended at this stage to specify an accuracy class for the oscillographic measuring equipment. This should, however, be chosen, having due regard to the rated frequency of the machine to be tested, so that the readings are taken in a linear portion of the vibrator amplitude against frequency characteristic.
The measurement of the speed of rotation, of synchronous machines may be conducted by means of a stroboscopic method or by using tachometers (mechanical or electrical).IEC 60034-4:1985 pdf download.

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