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IEC 60801-2:1991 pdf download.Electromagnetic compatibility for industrial-process measurement and control equipment – Part 2: Electrostatic discharge requirements.
This part 2 of the International Standard defines the immunity require- ments and test methods for equipment which must withstand electrostati discharges, from operators directly, and to adjacent objects. Several severity levels are defined which relate to different environmental and installation conditions.
These requirements are primarily developed for, and are applicable to industrial-process measurement and control instrumentation.
Most aspects of the standard, such as simulation parameters and test set-ups, may apply to other equipment, t other aspects such as severity levels and performance criteria may not apply to other equipment.
This document is intended to be identified as a basic EMC publication, in accordance with IEC Guide 107.
The object of this Part 2 is to establish a common reference for evaluating the performance of industrial-process measurement and control instrumen tation when subjected to electrostatic discharges. In addition, it includes electrostatic discharges which may occur from personnel to objects near vital instrumentation.
This part relates to equipment, systems, sub-systems and peripherals which may be involved in static electricity discharges owing to environmental and installation conditions, such as low relative humidity, use of low conductivity (artificial fibre) carpets, vinyl garments, etc. which may exist in all locations classified in standards relevant to industrial process measuring and control instrumentation (for more detailed information, see clause A.1 of annex A).
The severity levels shown in table 1 are recommended for the ESD test. All lower levels must be satisfied.
Details concerning the various parameters which may influence the voltage level to which the human body may be charged are given in clause A.2 of annex A. Annex A.4 also contains examples of the application of the severity levels related to environmental (installation) classes.
Contact discharge is the preferred test method. Air discharges shall be used where contact discharge cannot be applied. Voltages for each test method are given in tables l.a and l.b. The voltages shown are different for each method due to the differing methods of test. It is not intended to imply that the test severity is equivalent between test methods. Further information is given in clauses A.3, A.4 and A.5 of annex A.IEC 60801-2:1991 pdf download.

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