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IEC/TS 60871-3:2015,Shunt capacitors for a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1000 V – Part 3: Protection of shunt capacitors and shunt capacitor banks.
IEC/TS 60871-3:2015, which is a technical specification, gives guidance on the protection of
shunt capacitors and shunt capacitor banks, it applies to capacitors according to IEC 60871.
Internal fuses for shunt capacitors are selective current-limiting fuses arranged inside acapacitor. As defined in IEC 60871-4, they are designed to isolate faulted capacitor elementsor capacitor unit, to allow operation of the remaining parts of that capacitor unit and the bank in which the capacitor unit is connected.
The operation of an internal fuse is initiated by the breakdown of a capacitor element. The affected element is instantaneously disconnected by the operation of the element fuse without interruption in the operation of the capacitor.
The number of externally parallel connected capacitors and the available short-circuit current of the supply system should not affect the current-limiting of internal fuses.
It should be noted that internal fuses do not provide protection against a short circuit between internal connections or a short circuit between active parts and casing, both of which maylead to case rupture.
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