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IEEE 1-1986 pdf download.IEEE Standard General Principles for Temperature Limits in the Rating of Electric Equipment and for the Evaluation of Electrical Insulation.
These principles are intended to serve as a guide in the preparation of IEEE and other standards that deal with the selection of tem perature limits and the measurement of temper ature for specific types of electric equipment. They include an outline of the fundamental con siderations and a review of the elements to be considered in applying the principles to specific cases. Guiding principles are included for the development of test procedures for
(1) Thermal evaluation of electrical insulating materials.
(2) Thermal evaluation of insulation systems.
(3) Thermal classification! of insulation sys tems for use in rating electric equipment.
2.1 General Definitions
2.1.1 electrical insulating material. A sub stance in which the electrical conductivity is very small (approaching zero) and provides electric isolation.
2.1. 2 electrical insulation system. An insulating material or a suit able combination of insulat ing materials specifically designed to perform the functions needed in electric and electronic equipment.
2.1.3 simple combination of insulating mate rials. A number of insulating materials, which together make possible the evaluation of any interaction between them.
2.1.4 useful service life. The length of time (usually in hours) for which an insulating mate rial, insulation system, or electric equipment performs in an adequate or specified fashion.
2.1.5 estimated life (performance).The expected useful service life based upon service ex perience or the results of tests performed in accordance with appropriate evaluation procedures established by the responsible technical committee or both.
2.1.6 aging. The irreversible change (usually degradation) that takes place with time.
2.1.7 thermal aging. The aging that takes lace at an elevated temperature.IEEE 1-1986 pdf download.

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