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IEEE 1003.5:1999 pdf download.Information technology – POSIX Ada language interfaces – Part 1: Binding for system Application Program Interface (API); Amendment 2: Protocol-independent interfaces.
Abstract: This standard is part of the POSIX® series of standards for applications and user interfaces to open systems. It defines the Ada language bindings as package specifications and accompanying textual descriptions of the application program interface (API). This standard supports application portability at the source code level through the binding between ISO 8652:1995 (Ada) and ISO/IEC 9945-1:1996 (IEEE Std 1003.1-1996) (POSIX) as amended by IEEE P1003.lg/D6.6. Terminology and general requirements, process primitives, the process environment, files and directories, input and output primaries, device- and class-specific functions, language-specific services for Ada, system databases, synchronization, memory management, execution scheduling, clocks and timers, message passing, task management, the XTI and socket detailed network interfaces, event management, network support functions, and protocol-specific mappings are covered. It also specifies behavior to support the binding that must be proviced by the Ada.
Keywords: Ada, API, application portability, computer language bindings, information exchange, interprocess communication, networks, open systems, operating systems, portable application, POSIX, POSIX language bindings, protocol-specific, protocol-independent, real-time, sockets, thread, XTI.
This standard defines a set of system application program interfaces to operating system services. These interfaces provide access via the Ada programming language to the same operating system services for which C-language interfaces are specified in ISO/IEC9945-l:1996 and IEEE P1003.1g.
The purpose of this standard is to support application portability at the Ada source code level. This standard is intended to be used by both application developers and system implementors.
This standard is intended to be compatible with implementations of the 1995 revision to the Ada language standard (ISO/IEC 8652:1995 1 ). Fall-back approaches compatible with implementations of the original Ada language standard (ISO/IEC 8652: 1987 ) are also provided (see 1.3).
This standard is intended to contain no specifications that conflict with “Year 2000” requirements.
This standard comprises thrcc major components:
— Definitions for terminology and concepts. and definitions and specifications that govern program structures, language-system interaction, and related requirements.
— Definitions of the specific Ada interfaces to the system services defined by the POSIX standards, presented in the form of Ada packages.
— Interpretations of Ada semantics with respect to the POSIX standards.
The tl1owing areas are outside the scope of this standard:
(1) User interface (shell) and commands associated with Ada program development.
(2) Ada bindings to the archive/iiiterchaiige file formats for tar and cpiu.
(3) Network protocols.
(4) Graphics and windowing interfaces.
(5) Database management system interfaces.
(6) Object or binary code portability.
(7) System configuration and resource availability.
(8) Interfaces to the Ada runtinie system.IEEE 1003.5:1999 pdf download.

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