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IEEE 1267-2019,IEEE Guide for Development of Specifications for Turnkey Substation Projects.
This guide is issued to aid users in developing and preparing specifications for turnkey substation projectsits; its intent is advisory. The guide covers parameters to be supplied by the purchaser or the purchaser’s engineer so that a turnkey contractor can engineer, procure, construct, test and commission a substation project, and provide quality assurance/quality control and training.
The significance of the word turnkey is to be inclusive of engineering, procurement, construction, testing,commissioning, quality assurance and training.
Abstract: Systematic methodology, guidelines and practices for developing turnkey substation specifications are provided in this guide.Guidance on engineering, procurement, construction,testing and commissioning,quality assurance/quality control and training is provided.
Keywords of IEEE 1267-2019: design-build, EPC, IEEE 1267, specification, specify, substation, turkey.

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