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IEEE Std 376-1975 pdf download.IEEE Standard for the Measurement of Impulse Strength and Impulse Bandwidth.
The importance of the impulse as a concept in engineering work has come about not only because of the extensive use of pulses in many types of communication systems, but also because many sources of interference or radio noise are impulsive “in nature. By an impulsive source one generally means a source of electromagnetic energy which can be represented by a series of discrete disturbances of low duty cycle. Usuall y, it will have a relatively broad frequency spectrum. The importance of the impulse is related to the fact that where the duration of the pulse generated by a given source is sufficiently short in comparison with the reciprocal of the center or tuned frequency of a”narrow-band network responding to it, the waveform at the output of the network is of a very definite shape practically independent of the input waveform, and has a peak value proportional to its “impulse strength.” Because of these relations, an impulse generator is useful for calibrating the network response, and the networks themselves may be characterized in terms of their equivalent “impulse bandwidth.”
Because the impulse has a broad spectrum, a quantitative measure of the “spectrum amplitude” is also a usefu quantIty.
3. Theoretical Bases for Measurement
Two methods of measurement of spectrum amplitude and impulse bandwidth are described in detail in this standard In addition, reference is made to other techniques which have been used from time to time.
The first method uses a video pulse technique. The second uses a substitution method in which the reference is a pulse-modulated sine wave generator whose parameters are measured.
Experience has shown that both of these techniques are capable of about equal accuracy. In any given laboratory one may be preferred to the other.IEEE 376-1975 pdf download.

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