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IEEE 386-1985 pdf download.IEEE Standard for Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems Above 600 V.
IEEE 386-1985 establishes definitions, service conditions, ratings, Interchangeable consnction features and tests for load-break and dead-break separable insulated connector systems rated 601 V and above, 600 A or less, for use on power distribution systems.
The following definitions are the intended meanings of terms used in this standard or associated with separable insulated connectors systems. Figures 1 and 2 show typical components of separable insulated connectors. The term connector as used in this standard means separable insulated connector.
bushing insert. A connector component intended for insertion into a bushing well (see Fig I).
bushing well. An apparatus hushing having a cavity for insertion of a connector component, such as a bushing insert (see Fig 1).
continuous current rating. The designated rms alternating or direct current which the connector can carry continuously under specified conditions.
dead-break connector. A connector designed to be separated and engaged on de.energized circuits only.
elbow. A connector component for connecting a power cable to a bushing, so designed that when assembled with the bushing, the axes of the cable and bushing are perpendicular (see Fig 1).
environmental temperature. The temperature of the surrounding medium, such as air, water, and earth, into which the heat of the connector is dissipated directly, including the effect of heat dissipation from associated cables and apparatus.
fault-closure current rating. The designated rms fault current which a load-break connector can close under specified conditions.IEEE 386-1985 pdf download

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