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IEEE 421.5-1992 pdf download.IEEE Recommended Practice for Excitation System Models for Power System Stability Studies.
Abstract: Excitation system models suitable for use in large scale system stability studies are presented With these models, most of the excitation systems currently in widespread use on large, system-connected synchronous machines in North America can be represented. They include updates of models published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems in 1981 as well as models for additional control features such as discontinuous excitation controls.
Keywords: excitation systems, power system stability.
When the behavior of synchronous machines is to be simulated accurately in power system stability studies, it is essential that the excitation systems of the synchronous machines be modeled in sufficient detail, see [12]。 The desired models must be suitable for representing the actual excitation equipment performance for large, severe disturbances as well as for small perturbations.
A 1968 IEEE Committee Report (see [6]) provided initial excitation system reference models. It established a common nomenclature, presented mathematical models for excitation systems then in common use, and defined parameters for those models. A 1981 report (see [7]) extended that work. It provided models for newer types of excitation equipment not covered previously as well as improved models for older equipment.
This document, based heavily on the 1981 report, is intended to again update the models, provide models for additional control of features, and formalize those models in a recommended practice. To some extent, the model structures presented in this document are intended to facilitate the use of field test data as a means of obtaining model parameters The models are, however, reduced order models and do not represent all of the control loops on any particular system In some cases, the model used may represent a substantial reduction, resulting in large differences between the tructure of the model and the physical system.IEEE 421.5-1992 pdf download.

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