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IEEE 933-1999 pdf free download.IEEE Guide for the Definition of Reliability Program Plans for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
Abstract: Guidelines for the definition of a reliability program at nuclear power generating stations are developed. Reliability programs during the operating phase of such stations are emphasized; however, the general approach applies to all phases of the nuclear power generating station life cycle (e.g., design, construction, start-up, operating, and decommissioning).
Keywords: alert and action levels; corrective action; performance monitoring; problem analysis; reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM); reliability program.
The IEEE recognizes the importance of safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear power generation and seeks to provide guidance for constructing a reliability program to help achieve improved plant safety and performance. This guide is part of a continuing effort in which the IEEE and other industry groups have been engaged since the beginning of the commercial nuclear power industry. Related IEEE activities include the publication of the following guides and standards:
— IEEE SW 352-1987, IEEE Guide for General Principles of Reliability Analysis of Nuclear Power Generating Stations Safety Systems (a basic reliability tutorial);
— IEEE Std 5(X)-I 984. IEEE Guide to the Collection and Presentation of Electrical, Electronic. Sensing Component, and Mechanical Equipment Reliability Data for Nuclear Power Generating Stations (a document that has become a standard source of generic reliability data):
— IEEE Std 577-1976, IEEE Standard Requirements for Reliability Analysis in the Design and Operation of Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
This guide’s main objective, to provide a basic framework for operational reliability programs, has been adapted to nuclear power generating stations. However, principles contained in the guide are not limited to these stations or the power industry exclusively. Other station types and industries are encouraged to tailor the guide to meet their specific needs.
IEEE 933-1999 has been developed to aid nuclear utilities in tailoring the principles of an effective reliability program to their own particular organization structure and approach. As an IEEE guide, it cannot establish specific reliability activities that might already he in place. Rather, the program elements discussed in the guide are provided for the review of, and possible inclusion into, either centralized or decentralized reliability program plans.
Other recent industry etThrts include the activities of
— The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). such as the Nuclear Plant Reliability Data System (NPRDS), the ‘focus on Performance,” the Significant Event Evaluation and Information Network (SEE-IN), and the Safety System Unavailability Monitoring Program
— The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
— Reactor vendor owners’ groups, such as the group on scram reduction
— The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
The need for reliable equipment performance at nuclear power generating stations has long been recognized. As a result, numerous methods to improve equipment performance have been developed. Some are empirical (such as determination of component availability based on maintenance records); some are predictive (such as condition monitoring and performance trending); while others are pragmatic (such as root cause analysis). This diversity among methods (empirical, predictive, and pragmatic) provides a comprehensive set of tools to engineers faced with equipment performance issues. However, this diversity can also he confusing to the novice reliability engineer. In addition, management may experience difficulty in coordinating the use of these methods and the interpretation of their results by various organizations.
IEEE 933-1999 discusses the organization of reliability engineering techniques into a comprehensive program. or plan. The purpose of the planned program is to ensure reliable equipment perftrmance. While the program described in this guide is comprehensive, it can be selectively applied to a component, system, plant, or entire utility grid: and it can be applied in a phased fashion. Clause 4 describes the technical elements of a reliability program and their integration into an effective technical approach. The applicability of various methods (empirical, predictive, and pragmatic) to each element is discussed. In addition, the information inputs and outputs of each element are detailed, along with the flow of information among the various elements. Clause 5 discusses the reliability program’s interfaces with current utility organizational structures. Resources within a utility that may supply both information and expertise to each program element are identified. Four informative annexes are included to further illustrate the ideas presented in this guide. Annex A discusses the management of a reliability program: Annex B provides a sample reliability program; Annex C provides a sample reliability, availahiliLy. and maintainability (RAM) specification; and Annex D provides an annotated bibliography to aid the user of this guide in selecting additional resources.IEEE 933-1999 pdf download.

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