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IEEE C57.12.32-2019 – IEEE Standard for Submersible Equipment–Enclosure Integrity.The size of this pdf file is 1.2M.
Design and production tests and requirements for the integrity of submersible electrical equipment intended for installation in submerged or partially submerged environments are covered in this standard. These enclosures contain energized electrical apparatus, typically not accessible to the general public including, but not limited to, the following types of equipment: submersible distribution transformers; submersible network transformers; submersible network protectors; submersible switchgear; submersible capacitors or inductors; submersible junction enclosures; submersible metering equipment; and submersible control boxes.
Keywords: capacitors, coating integrity, control boes, enclosure integrity, IEEE C57.12.32,network protectors, submersible equipment, switches, transformers.
The Accredited Standards Committee on Transformers, Regulators, and Reactors, C57, originally developed and correlated standards on these products, together with the Accredited Standards Committee on Power Switchgear, C37, through the Joint ASC C57/C37 Working Group on Enclosures with Joseph Martin an then with Robert C. Olen as chairman. This group is now the Enclosure Integrity Working Group of the IEEE Transformers Committee.
The data used in this work have been gathered from many sources, including the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, reports of committees of the Edison Electric Institute and others.
This IEEE standard is a voluntary consensus standard. Its use becomes mandatory only when required by a duly constituted legal authority or when specified in a contractual relationship. To meet specialized needs and to allow innovation, specific changes are permissible when mutually determined by the user and the producer. provided such changes do not violate existing laws and are considered technically adequate for the function intended.

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