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IEEE C57.15-1999 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Step-Voltage Regulators.I’m not sure whether the content of this standard i share is complete or not. The resource is shared by a netizen. Here is a brief introduction to the standard.
Abstract: Electrical, mechanical, and safety requirements of oil-filled, single- and three-phase voltage regulators not exceeding regulation of 2500 kVA (for three-phase units) or 833 kVA (for single-phase units) are covered.
Keywords: electrical, mechanical, safety, step-voltage regulators, test code.
The working group has undertaken the task to update this standard to
a) Reflect the latest revisions of IEEE Std C57. 12.00 and IEEE Std C57. 12.90.
b) Permit the winding temperature rise to increase from 55 °C to 65 °C for selected regulator (sealed) designs.
c) Adapt the new IEEE approved format to ensure compatibility with the latest ISO and IEC standards.
d) Eliminate references to induction voltage and dry-type regulators.
e) Revise the list of standard sizes.
1.1 Scope
IEEE C57.15-1999 describes electrical, mechanical, and safety requirements of oil-filled, single- and three-phase step-voltage regulators not exceeding a regulation of 25(X) kVA (fhr three-phase units) or 833 kVA (for single-phase units). This standard does not apply to load tap-changing transformers.
1.2 Purpose
This standard is intended as a basis for the establishment of performance, limited electrical and mechanical interchangeability, and safety requirements of equipment described. It also assists in the proper selection of such equipment.
1.3 Word usage
When this document is used on a mandatory basis, the word s/ia/I indicates mandatory requirements: and the words should or may refer to matters that are recommended or permissive, hut not mandatory.
3.3 autotransformer: A transformer in which part of one winding is common to both the primary and the secondary circuits associated with that winding.
3,4 common winding: That part of the autotransformer winding that is common to both the primary and secondary circuits. Syn: shunt winding.
3.5 conservator system: An oil preservation system in which the oil in the main tank is sealed from the atmosphere, over the temperature range specified, by means of an ancillary tank partly filled with oil and connected to the completely filled main tank. Svn: expansion tank system.
3.6 dielectric tests: Tests that consist of the application of a voltage higher than the rated voltage for a specified time for the purpose of determining the adequacy of insulating materials against breakdown, and for spacing under normal conditions.
3.7 excitation current: The current that maintains the excitation of the regulator. It may be expressed in amperes. per unit, or percent of the rated current of the regulator.IEEE C57.15-1999 pdf download.

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