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IEEE C62.64-2009 pdf download.IEEE Standard Specifications for Surge Protectors Used in Low-Voltage Data, Communications,and Signaling Circuits.
This revision of IEEE Std C62.64-1997 has been developed by the Low-Voltage Data, Communications, and Signaling Circuit Surge Protective Devices Working Group of the Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices Subcommittee. It provides typical values of the parameters that are used to specify the performance of these surge protectors. The tests that are used to characterize the parameters arc in IEEE Std C62.36-2OOO, so the two standards are companion documcnts.
IEEE C62.64-2009 is directed toward service providers who wish to provide electrical protection against surges on low-voltage circuits. The typical values promote consistency by helping users in selecting appropriate parameter values and by aiding suppliers in focusing their resources on parameters of interest. Yet, this standard is flexible enough that applications needing values that differ from the typical levels can use whatever is required.
IEEE C62.64-2009 covers a wide range of possible protectors. They may limit voltages, currents, or both. Not all specification values apply to each protector. The user of the standard selects, from among the many possible specifications. the tests and parameter values needed by the application. For instance, a protector for an application that requires only voltage limiting would not specify values from the current-limiting specifications, and would select only the parameters from the voltage-limiting Specifications that arc required by the application. In that way, a voltage-limiting surge protector may include, for example, a specification value for return loss (see, but not for longitudinal balance (see The typical values of this standard also provide standardized values of important parameters for use with international standardization efforts.
IEEE C62.64-2009 is divided into five clauses, normative annexes (some of which are under study), a glossary, and a bibliography. Clause I provides thc scope of this standard. Clause 2 lists rcfcrcnccs to publications that are needed to apply this standard. Clause 3 provides general definitions that may be needed for a surge protector regardless of its voltage- or current-limiting function. Clause 4 provides service and test conditions. Clause 5 provides requirements and test specifications.
1.1 Scope
IEEE C62.64-2009 applies to surge protectors for application on multi-conductor and coaxial, balanced or unbalanced, data, communications, and signaling circuits with voltages less than or equal to 1000 V rms, or 1200 V dc. These surge protectors are intended to limit voltage surges, current surges, or both.
This standard is not intended to cover individual device components. Installation of all surge protectors
(SPDs) must be in conformance with the requirements of applicable local and national electrical codes.
Specifically excluded from this standard are protectors for low-voltage power circuit applications.IEEE C62.64-2009 pdf download.

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