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ISO 16297:2020 pdf free download.Milk – Bacterial count – Protocol for the evaluation of alternative methods.
ISO 16297:2020 specifies a protocol for the evaluation of instrumental alternative methods for total bacterial count in raw milk from animals of different species.
4 Transformation of results
A prerequisite for statistics most common in the evaluation of measuring methods is the approximation of a normal distribution of the data. The exponential multiplication of microorganisms usually leads to right-tailed distribution with quantitative microbiological parameters. Thus, in general, transformatio of the raw data is necessary for approximation of normality. This is usually a common logarithmi transformation. The most appropriate transformation can be checked by comparing histograms. A statistics are then computed from the transformed data, unless specified otherwise, and only the final results are re-transformed to give a more expressive idea of the situation to the user.
5 Attributes of the alternative method
5.1 General
For each alternative method, only the relevant parameters outlined in this clause shall be evaluated or example, the measuring range (see 5.3) of the plate loop method is determined by the loop(s) used and the determination of the parameter is not relevant.
5.2 Description of the method to be evaluated
5.2.1 Description
The description of the method under study shall be in line with the checklist in 5.2.2.
Most of the found in the specification of the method given by the responsible supplier or any other source (author)of the technique specified.

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