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ISO 17075-2:2017 pdf free download.Leather — Chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather — Part 2: Chromatographic method.
ISO 17075-2:2017 specifies a method for determining chromium(VI) in solutions leached from leather under defined conditions. The method described is suitable to quantify the chromium(VI) content in leathers down to 3 mg/kg. ISO 17075-2:2017 is applicable to all leather types.
This first edition of ISO 17075-2, together with I$0 17075-1, cancels and replaces ISO 17075: 2007, which has been technically revised.
The main changes compared to IS0 17075: 2007 are as follows:
– the chromatographic analytical technique has been added;
– the sample preparation has been revised;
– mechanical shaking in Z,l and 7.2 has been revised;
A list of all parts in the ISO 17075 series can be found on the ISO website.
4 Principle
Extractable chromium(VI)is leached from the sample in phosphate buffer at pH 7, 0 to 8,0. An aliquot of the filtered extract is analysed for Cr(VI) using ion-exchange chromatography with UV-VIS detection.
5 Chemicals
All reagents used shall have at least analytical grade purity.
5.1 Extraction solution
Dissolve 22, 8 g dipotassium hydrogenphosphate K2HP04:3H20 in 1 000 ml water (5.7),adjusted to pH 8,0 +0, 1 with phosphoric acid (5.2).Degas this solution with either argon or nitrogen (5,6) or ultrasonic bath.

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