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ISO 188:2011 pdf free download.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests.
ISO 188:2011 specifies accelerated ageing or heat resistance tests on vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers.
Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests are designed to estimate the relative resistance of rubber to deterioration with the passage of time. For this purpose, the rubber is subjected to controlled deteriorating influences for definite periods, after which appropriate properties are measured and compared with the corresponding properties of the unaged rubber.
In accelerated ageing, the rubber is subjected to a test environment intended to produce the effect of natural ageing in a shorter time.
In the case of heat resistance tests, the rubber is subjected to prolonged periods at the same temperature as that which it will experience in service.
Two types of method are given in this International Standard, namely an air-oven method using a low air speed and an air-oven method using forced air ventilation for a high air speed.
The selection of the time, temperature and atmosphere to which the test pieces are exposed and the type of oven to use will depend on the purpose of the test and the type of polymer.
In air-oven methods, deterioration is accelerated by raising the temperature. The degree of acceleration thus produced varies from one rubber to another and from one property to another.
Air-oven ageing should not be used to simulate natural ageing which occurs in the presence of either light or ozone when the rubbers are stretched.
To estimate lifetime or maximum temperature of use, tests can be performed at several temperatures and the results can be evaluated by using an Arrhenius plot or the Williams Landel Ferry(WLF) equation as described in ISO 11346.
3.1 General
Test pieces are subjected to controlled deterioration by air at an elevated temperature and at atmospheric pressure, after which specified properties are measured and compared with those of unaged test pieces.
The physical properties concerned in the service application should be used to determine the degree of deterioration but, in the absence of any indication of these properties, it is recommended that tensile strength stress at intermediate elongation, elongation at break (in accordance with ISO 37) and hardness (in accordance with ISO 48) be measured.

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