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ISO 20205:2015 pdf free download.Space data and information transfer systems — Spacecraft Onboard Interface Systems — Low Data-Rate Wireless Communications for Spacecraft Monitoring and Control.
This document presents the recommended practices for the utilization of low data-rate wireless communication technologies in support of spacecraft ground testing and flight monitoring and control applications. Relevant technical background information can be found in reference [3].
The recommended practices contained in this document enable member agencies to select the best option(s) available for interoperable wireless communications in the support of spacecraft monitoring and control applicationS. The specification of a Recommended Practice facilitates interoperable communications and forms the foundation for cross-support of communication systems between separate member space agencies.
This Recommended Practice is targeted towards monitoring and control systems, typicall low data-rate and low-power wireless-based applications.
This Recommended Practice specifies protocols (including at least the Physical PHY] layer and Medium Access Control [MAC] sublayer of the Open Systems Interconnection [OSI] Model-see reference [F1])that enable a basic interoperable wireless communication system to support low data-rate spacecraft monitoring and control applications.
From an engineering standpoint, mission managers, along with engineers and developers, are faced with a plethora of wireless communication choices, both standards-based and proprietary. This Recommended Practice provides guidance in the selection of systems necessary to achieve interoperable communications in support of wireless, low data-rate monitoring and control.

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