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ISO 20662:2020 pdf free download.Ships and marine technology — Hopper dredger supervisory and control systems.
ISO 20662:2020 specifies the components and structure, general requirements, and functional requirements of trailing suction hopper dredger supervisory and control systems.
It is applicable only to the installed components, functions or systems. It covers design, manufacture and modification.
ISO 20662:2020 describes the supervisory and control system for a number of components, functions and systems that can, but do not have to, be installed on board of a hopper dredger. It does not prescribe that all described components, functions and systems need to be installed.
4 Components and structure
4.1 Components
A hopper dredger is a self-propelled dredger with its own integrated hopper hold.
An HD-SCS, according to this document, is a basic system for supervising and controlling the dredging operations performed by a hopper dredger utilising sensors, networks, computers, and technologies concerning measurement, communication and automation.
An HD-SCS is an integrated SCADA system that can consist of the following subsystems, based on their functions.

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