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ISO 23291:2020 pdf free download. Milk and milk products — Guidelines for the application of in-line and on-line infrared spectrometry.
This document gives guidelines for using infrared spectrometry in in-line and on-line applications for dairy processing. These applications are distinct to those covered in ISO 21543 | IDF 201. It is applicable, but not limited, to:
— the determination of protein, fat and total solids in liquid milk and milk products using mid and near infrared spectrometry;
— the determination of protein, fat and moisture in solid or semi-solid products, such as milk powder, and butter and liquid dairy streams using near infrared spectrometry.
4 Principle
A laboratory in-line or on-line instrument is installed according to the manufacturers guidelines for the type of process under measurement Absorbance within the wavelength regions mentioned above is measured by transmission, reflectance and a combination of both, or by attenuated total reflectance (ATR)。 The resulting spectral information is transformed to constituent concentrations or constituent values with other units by calibration models developed by representative samples from the population to be tested.
A reliable, stable and consistent sampling interface is the key to successful use of in-line and on-line spectrometry. The following aspects are important.
—The ability to sample a representative flow of product. This can be ascertained by experimentation as well as an understanding of the fluid dynamics of the process flow.
—The ability to be consistently cleaned to the same level as the rest of the installation for good grade hygiene for liquid product streams, this may mean that the probe is cleaned by the regular cleaning in place protocols For powder, an air jet or similar can be necessary to remove sample prior to each measurement. Experimentation is often required to determine the most effective cleaning protocol for a specific environment.

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