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ISO 2419:2012 pdf free download.Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Sample preparation and conditioning.
ISO 2419:2012 specifies the preparation of leather for physical and mechanical testing together with standard atmospheres for conditioning and testing.
ISO 2419:2012 is applicable to all types of dry leather.
3 Standard atmospheres
3.1 Reference standard atmosphere
The reference standard atmosphere shall have a temperature of 23, 0°C and a relative humidity of 50,0%.
3.2 Alternative standard atmospheres
3.2.1 General
Alternative, but not equivalent, atmospheres may be used only if the parties involved agree on their use.In case of dispute, the reference standard atmosphere shall be used.
3.2.2 Specific standard atmosphere
The alternative specific standard atmosphere shall have a temperature of 20,0°C and a relative humidity of 65,0%.
4 Design of press knives
The design of press knives is shown in Figure 1. The internal surface be perpendicular to the plane which contains the cutting edge. The angle formed between the intern external surfaces of the press knife at the cutting edge shall be approximately 20, and the wedge angle shall be of a depth(d) exceeding the thickness of the leather.
5 Preparation of test pieces
Prepare test pieces by applying the press knife to the grain surface (or simulated grain surface)if present. If no grain or simulated grain is present, apply the press knife to either surface. If preferred, leather may be conditioned(see Clause 6 )before test pieces are prepared.
6 Conditioning
Condition the sample by keeping it in one of the standard atmospheres specified in Clause 3. Support the sample to allow free access of air to all surfaces, keeping the air in motion around it (see 2.3 ). Condition the test pieces for a minimum of 24 h prior to testing.
The 24 h conditioning is for ry leathers. Leathers with high moisture contents should be dried prior to conditioning.

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