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ISO 3745:2012 pdf free download. Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure — Precision methods for anechoic rooms and hemi-anechoic rooms.
ISO 3745:2012 is one of the series ISO 3741. to ISO 374718, which specify various methods for determining the sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources including machinery, equipment and their sub-assemblies. The selection of one of the methods from the series for use in a particular application depends on the purpose of the test to determine the sound power level or sound energy level and on the facilities available. General guidelines to assist in the selection are provided in ISO 37402. ISO 3741 to ISO 374718 give only general principles regarding the operating and mounting conditions of the machinery or equipment for the purposes of the test. It is important that test codes be established for individual kinds of noise source, in order to give detailed requirements on mounting, loading and operating conditions under which the sound power levels or sound energy levels are to be obtained and to select the appropriate measurement surface and microphone array from among those specified in this International Standard.
The methods given in this International Standard require the source to be mounted in either an anechoic room or a hemi-anechoic room having specified acoustical characteristics. The methods are then based on the premise that the sound power or sound energy of the source is directly proportional to the mean-square sound pressure over a hypothetical measurement surface enclosing the source and otherwise depends on the physical constants of air.
The methods specified in this International Standard permit the determination of the sound power level and the sound energy level in frequency bands and/or with frequency A-weighting applied.
The methods give a precision grade of accuracy (grade 1) as defined in ISO 12001. The resulting sound powe levels and sound energy levels include corrections to allow for any differences that might exist between the meteorological conditions under which the tests are conducted and reference meteorological conditions. For applications where there are large uncertainties due to operating conditions or where reduced accuracy is acceptable, reference can be made to the more practical methods of ISO 3744 or ISO 3746. Guidance on evaluation of measurement uncertainty is given in Annex I.
ISO 3745:2012 specifies methods for measuring the sound pressure levels on a measurement surface enveloping a noise source (machinery or equipment) in an anechoic room or a hemi-anechoic room The sound power level (or, in the case of impulsive or transient noise emission, the sound energy level) produced by the noise source, in frequency bands of width one-third octave or with frequency weighting A applied, is calculated using those measurements, including corrections to allow for any differences between the meteorological conditions at the time and place of the test and those corresponding to a reference characteristic acoustic impedance.
In general, the frequency range of interest includes the one-third-octave bands with mid-band frequencies from 100 Hz to 10 000 Hz. In practice, the range is extended or restricted to frequencies beyond or within these imits, to those between which the test room is qualified for the purposes of the measurements.

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