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ISO 5209-2019 pdf free download.General purpose industrial valves – Marking.The size of this pdf file is 2.69M.
ISO 5209-2019 specifies the requirements for the mandatory and optional markings of general purpose industrial valves. It defines the method of applying the markings, on the body, on a flange, on an identification plate or any other location.
ISO 5209-2019 is considered in conjunction with the specified requirements of the valve product standards or valve performance standards.
The marking requirements for plastic valves are not within the scope of this document.
4.1.1 Where the requirements in a valve product or performance standard differ from those given in this document, then the requirements of the product or performance standard apply.
4. 1. 2 Table 1 lists the items that shall be considered for inclusion in product or performance standards Details of the markings are given in Clause 5.
4.1.3 Markings shall be located as detailed in 4. 2, 4.3 and 4.4.
Painted-on markings are not permitted.
Markings on the body or bonnet/cover shall be integral with the body (e.g. cast, forged or stamped or ser-marked) or shall be on a marking plate securely fixed to the body.
All marking plates and identification plates and their means of fixing shall be in a material which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion Marking plates shall also be suitable for the allowable temperature of the value.
4. 2 Mandatory markings
4. 2.1 Items 1 to 4 in Table 1 shall be marked on every valve and shall be integral markings or on a marking plate. If a valve has no defined PN or Class designation, items 7 and 9 in Table 1 are mandatory.See also 4.5.4
4. 2. 2 Items 5 and 6 in Table l shall be marked on those valves requiring these markings(see 5.5 and 5.6).
4.3 Supplementary markings
Items 7 to 21 in Table 1 are optional unless otherwise specified in product or performance standard The location of supplementary markings shall be determined by the manufacturer unless otherwise specified in the relevant product or performance standard.
4.4 Other markings
A manufacturer complying with the requirements of this document and those of product or performance standards relevant to the individual types of valve is allowed to:
a) mark any of the items in Table 1 additionally in a place other than that specified; e. g. if a marking is mandatory on the body or bonnet/cover, it may also be repeated on the identification plate;
b) add to the markings specified, any technical and/or commercial references, providing that there is no risk of confusion between these markings and the markings in Table 1.

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