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ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download.Plastics — Determination of puncture impact behaviour of rigid plastics — Part 2: Instrumented impact testing.
ISO 6603-2 specifies a test method for the determination of puncture impact properties of rigid plastics, in the form of flat specimens, using instruments for measuring force and deflection. It is applicable if a force-deflection or force-time diagram, recorded at nominally constant striker velocity, is necessary for detailed characterization of the impact behaviour.
ISO 6603-1 can be used if it is sufficient to characterize the impact behaviour of plastics by a threshold value of impact-failure energy based on many test specimens.
It is not the purpose of this part of ISO 6603 to give an interpretation of the mechanism occurring on every particular point of the force-deflection diagram. These interpretations are a task for scientific research.
NOTE See also clause 1 of ISO 6603-1:2000.
2 Normative references
ISO 2602:1980, Statistical interpretation of test results — Estimation of the mean — Confidence interval.
ISO 6603-1:2000, Plastics — Determination of puncture impact behaviour of rigid plastics — Part 1: Nonins trumented impact testing.
4 Principle
The test specimen is punctured at its centre using a lubricated striker, perpendicularly to the test-specimen surface and at a nominally uniform velocity. The resulting force-deflection or force-time diagram is recorded electronically. The test specimen may be clamped in position during the test.
The force-deflection diagram obtained in these tests records the impact behaviour of the specimen from which several features of the behaviour of the material may be inferred.
5.2 Instruments for measuring force and deflection:
5.2.1 Force measurement system, for measuring the force exerted on the test specimen. The striker may be equipped with strain gauges or a piezoelectric load transducer which shall be placed close to the striker tip. Any other suitable method of force measurement is also acceptable. The measuring system shall be able to record forces with an accuracy equal to or within 1 % of the relevant peak force.
The force measurement system shall be calibrated as set-up ready for measurement. Calibration may be performed statically (for example, by imposing known loads on the striker) or dynamically (see for example reference [4]). Errors in force measurement after calibration shall be less than ± 0,5 % of the forces used for calibration.ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download.

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