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ISO 7291:2010 pdf free download.Gas welding equipment — Pressure regulators for manifold systems used in welding, cutting and allied processes up to 30 MPa (300 bar).
ISO 7291:2010 specifies requirements and test methods for pressure regulators in manifold systems used in welding, cutting, and allied processes for: a) compressed gases up to 30 MPa (300 bar); b) dissolved acetylene; c) liquefied petroleum gases (LPG); d) methylacetylene‑propadiene‑mixtures (MPS); e) carbon dioxide (CO2).
2 Normative references
ISO 5171, Gas welding equipment-Pressure gauges used in welding, cutting and allied processes;
ISO 9090, Gas tightness of equipment for gas welding and allied processes;
ISO 9539, Gas welding equipment-Materals for equpment used in gas welding, cutting and allied processes;
ISO 15296, Gas welding equpment-Vocabulary- Terms used for gas welding equipment.
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 15296 and the following apply.
pressure regulator for manifold systems
device for regulating a generally variable inlet pressure to as constant as possible an outlet pressure when controlling the output of a manifold of cylinders.
NOTE: he diagram of the pressure regulator is an example only. Optional design characteristics are to be compatible with the safety requirements specified in this International Standard. See Figure 1.
4 Units
4.1 Pressure
The pressures measured are gauge pressures)and are expressed in megapascals or bars.
4.2 Flow
Flow rates are measured in cubic metres per hour corrected to a standard atmosphere,taking into account the relevant conversion coefficient for the gas used (see Table 1).

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