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ISO 8015:1985 pdf download.Technical drawings — Fundamental tolerancing principle.
This International Standard specifies the principle of the relationship between dimensional (linear and angular) tolerances and geometrical tolerances.
3 References
ISO 286/1, ISO system of linits and fits- Part 1: Bases of
tolerances, deviations and fits
ISO 1101, Technica drawings- Geometrica/ tolerancing
Tolerancing of form orientation, location and run-out
Generalities, definitions, symbols, indications on drawings.
4 Principle of independency
Each specified dimensional or geometrical requirement on a drawing shall be met independently, unless a particular relationship is specified.
5 Tolerances
5.1 Dimensional tolerances
5.1.1 Linear tolerances
A linear tolerance controls only the actual local sizes (two-point measurements)of a feature, but not its form deviations (for example circularity and straightness deviations of a cylindrical feature or flatness deviations of two parallel plane surfaces (See ISO 286/1.)ISO 8015:1985 pdf download.

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