ISO 8041:2005 pdf download

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ISO 8041:2005 pdf download.Human response to vibration — Measuring instrumentation.
This International Standard specifies the performance specifications and tolerance limits for instruments designed to measure vibration values, for the purpose of assessing human response to vibration. It includes requirements for pattern evaluation, periodic verification and in-situ checks, and the specification of vibration calibrators for in-situ checks.
Vibration instruments specified in this International Standard can be single instruments, combinations of instrumentation or computer-based acquisition and analysis systems.
Vibration instruments specified in this International Standard are intended to measure vibrations for one or more applications, such as
—hand-transmitted vibration (see ISO 5349-1).
—whole-body vibration (see ISO 2631-1, ISO 2631-2, ISO 2631-4), and
—low-frequency whole-body vibration in the frequency range from 0,1 Hz to 0, 5 Hz(see ISO 2631-1).
Vibration instruments can be designed for measurement according to one or more of the frequency weightings defined within each of these applications.
Three levels of performance testing are defined in this International Standard:
a)pattern evaluation, i.e. a full test of the instrument against the specifications defined in this International Standard;
b) periodic verification, i.e. an intermediate set of tests designed to ensure that an instrument remains within the required performance specification, and
c)in-situ checks, i.e. a minimum level of testing required to indicate that an instrument is likely to be functioning within the required performance specification.
The human-vibration measuring instrument shall also provide a means of indicating whether an overload occurred at any time within the measurement duration.
The human-vibration measuring instrument shall provide a method for setting and adjusting the vibration sensitivity.
Human-vibration measuring instruments may contain any or all of the design features for which performance specifications are given in this International Standard. An instrument shall conform to the applicable erformance specifications for those design features that are provided.
If the instrument has more than one measurement range, the instrument documentation shall describe the measurement ranges that are included and the operation of the measurement range control. The instrument documentation shall also identify which is the reference measurement range.
The reference vibration signal frequencies and values are given in Table 1.
If the instrument is capable of measuring the maximum (e.g. MTV) and peak vibration values, a “hold” function shall be provided. The instrument documentation shall describe the operation of the hold feature and the method for clearing a display that is held.ISO 8041:2005 pdf download.

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