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ISO 8048:1984 pdf download.Technical drawings — Construction drawings — Representation of views, sections and cuts.
This International Standard lays down general rules for mark- ing, designation, placing and orientation of views, sections and cuts, and the position of text in relation to figures on construction drawings
For all general rules, reference is made to ISO 128. As regards relative positions of views, the method using reference arrows according to ISO 128 is used.
The position and direction of viewing of a section or cut shall be marked with a cutting plane(see ISO 128, type H) and arrows near the reference figure (see figures 2, 3 and 5).The direction of view should be chosen to suit the needs of each individual project and of the information to be conveyed
The cutting plane shall be drawn. to a suitable length for legibility (see figure 2).
If the cutting plane is not straight, the plane shall be drawn to its full length (see figure 3).
4 Designation
For identification, location and reference between various p of the documentation for a project, denominations or d nations of the documented parts shall be used.ISO 8048:1984 pdf download.

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