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ISO 9712:2012 pdf free download.Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel.This pdf file was shared by Dave from England.
Since the effectiveness of any application of non-destructive testing (NDT) depends upon the capabilities of the persons who perform or are responsible for the test, a procedure has been developed to provide a means of evaluating and documenting the competence of personnel whose duties require the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge of the non-destructive tests they perform, specify, supervise, monitor or evaluate. An added incentive stems from the worldwide comparability of a wide range of industrial applications requiring common non-destructive testing approaches.
When certification of NDT personnel is required in product standards, regulations, codes or specifications, it is important to certify the personnel in accordance with this International Standard. When latitude is provided in the criteria within this International Standard, the certification body has the final decision in determining specific requirements.
When there is no requirement in legislation, in standard or in the order for certification of NDT personnel, it is for employers of such personnel to decide how to assure themselves that they are competent to do the work assignments. Thus, they may employ people who are already certified or they may apply their own expertise so as to assure themselves that their employee has the necessary competence In this last case, prudent employers would no doubt use this International Standard as a reference document.
ISO 9712:2012 specifies requirements for principles for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial non-destructive testing (NDT).
The system specified in this International Standard can also apply to other NDT methods or to new techniques within an established NDT method, provided a comprehensive scheme of certification exists and the method or technique is covered by International, regional or national standards or the new NDT method or technique has been demonstrated to be effective to the satisfaction of the certification body.
5 Responsibilities
5.1 General
The certification system, which shall be controlled and administered by a certification body (with the assistance, where necessary, of authorized qualification bodies),includes all procedures necessary to demonstrate the qualification of an individual to carry out tasks in a specific NDT method and product or industrial sector, leading to certification of competence.
5.3 Authorized qualification body
5.3. 1 Where established, the authorized qualification body shall:
a)work under the control of and apply the specifications issued by the certification body;
b)be independent of any single predominant interest;
c)ensure that it is impartial with respect to each candidate seeking qualification, bringing to the attention of the certification body any actual or potential threat to its impartiality;
d)apply a documented quality management system approved by the certification body;
2)have the resources and expertise necessary to establish, monitor and control examinations centres including examinations and the calibration and control of the equipment;
f)prepare, supervise and administer examinations under the responsibility of an examiner authorized by the certification body;
g)maintain appropriate qualification and examination records according to the requirements of the certification body.

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