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Standard Number:ISO/IEC 27017-2015
Standard Name:Information technology — Security techniques — Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services
Standard Size:223K
File Format:PDF
Introduction:ISO/IEC 27017-2015 pdf is free to download.
The guidelines contained within this Recommendation I International Standard are in addition to and complement the guidelines given in ISO/IEC 27002.
Specifically, this Recommendation I International Standard provides guidelines supporting the implementation of information security controls for cloud service customers and cloud service providers. Some guidelines are for cloud service customers who implement the controls, and others are for cloud service providers to support the implementationof those controls. The selection of appropriate information security controls and the application of the implementation guidance provided, will depend on a risk assessment and any legal, contractual, regulatory or other cloud-sector specific information security requirements.
The following term is defined in ISO/EC 17203:
virtual machine: The complete environment that supports the execution of guest software.
NOTE-A virtual machine is a full encapsulation of the virtual hardware, virtual disks, and the metadata associated with it. Virtual machines allow multiplexing of the underlying physical machine through a software layer called a hypervisor.
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