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ISO/IEC 39794-1:2019,Information technology — Extensible biometric data interchange formats — Part 1: Framework.
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Biometric data interchange formats enable the interoperability of different biometric systems. The first generation of biometric data interchange formats was published between 2005 and 2007 in thefirst edition of the ISO/IEC 19794 series From 2011 onwards, the second generation of biometric data interchange formats was published in the second edition of the established parts and the first edition of some new parts of the ISO/IEC 19794 series. In the second generation of biometric data interchange formats, new useful data elements such as those related to biometric sample quality were added, theheader data structures were harmonized across all parts of the ISO/IEC 19794 series, and XML encoding was added in addition to the binary encoding.
The ISO/IEC 19794 series and the ISO/IEC 39794 series specify biometric data interchange formats for different types of biometric characteristics. Parties that agree on a biometric data interchange format specified in the ISO/IEC 19794 series or the ISO/EC 39794 series should be able to decode each other’sbiometric data.
ISO/IEC 39794-1:2019 specifies:
— rules and guidelines for defining extensible biometric data interchange formats that are extensible without invalidating previous data structures;
— the meaning of common data elements for use in extensible biometric data interchange formats;

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