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Good Evening,everyone,I am John.Now i will continue a document,which is called ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 and its title is Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes.
Changes in this revision of ISo/EC/IEEE 15288 were developed in conjunction with a corresponding revisionof ISO/EC/IEEE 12207, Systems and software engineering- Software life cycle processes. The purpose of these revisions is to accomplish the harmonization of the structures and contents of the two International Standards, while supporting the requirements of the assessment community.
This Intermational Standard was developed with the following goals:
—provide a common terminology between the revision of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and
—where applicable, provide common process names and process structure between the revision of the ISO/iEC/IEEE 15288 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207.
—enable the user community to evolve towards fully harmonized standards, while maximizing backward compatibility.
The processes in this Intemational standard form a comprehensive set from which an organization can construct system life cycle models appropriate to its products and services. An organization, depending on its purpose, can select and apply an appropriate subset to fulfill that purpose.
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