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ISO IEC IEEE 26511-2011 pdf download Systems and software engineering — Requirements for managers of information for users of systems, software, and services
The manager should review current practices and determine in collaboration with stakeholders whichparts of the information-development strategy to articulate or update at these points in the process:
when no information-development strategy has been articulated;
when characteristics of a new project require the information-development strategy to be adaptedor modified;
when the information-development organization is new;
when new technical trends emerge;
when the information-development organization has a manager for the first time; and
when a new manager takes over the information-development organization.
Managers should participate in the higher-level organization’s strategic planning, at least as often as isrequired by the organization. Note that the information-development manager should collaborate notonly with people in his or her own reporting structures, but also with relevant stakeholders in otherparts ofthe organization. With input from higher management, the manager should determine whetherand when more frequent strategic work is necessary or beneficial.
5.1.4Reporting structure
Managers in information development report to a variety of groups in an organization, such asMarketing, Product Development, or Customer Support. This variety of reporting structures arisesbecause information development needs inputs from and provides outputs to many groups in anyorganization. No matter where information development reports, the manager should collaborate withkey stakeholders in all relevant organizations when developing strategy.
5.1.5 Compliance
At minimum, the information for users should meet language requirements for information for users inthe countries where the product will be sold.
Furthermore, information for users is an integral part of the product. The entire system (includinguser information products) should be considered as a whole for certain regulatory and compliancerequirements. The information for users should accurately reflect what is delivered to users by thatsystem and help users to meet their goals.
Therefore, the manager or responsible party should consider legal and regulatory requirements foruser information and should collaborate with the manager for the software or system as a wholeThe manager or responsible party or parties may seek advice from country or regional stakeholdersto assess the legal and regulatory requirements for each country and region in which products aredistributed. This action includes determining requred languages for each country or distribution area.The manager may consult with other organizations within the organization for additional guidanceso that the information for users meets legal and regulatory requirements. Depending upon theorganization, these may include the following:
Export and import controls;

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