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ISO IEC IEEE 26512-2011 pdf download Systems and software engineering — Requirements for acquirers and suppliers of user documentation the acquisition requirement in a Request for Proposa
The acquirer shall identify potential suppliers and communicate the request for user documentation services tothe identified suppliers.
6.2.2 Supplier selection
The acquirer should select one or more suppliers based upon the evaluation of the suppliers’ proposals. Theacquirer should also assess the supplier’s capability to complete the documentation or services as specified inthe Request for Proposal.
NOTE 1If a supplier that meets the technical requirements is not identified, but one is identified that has acceptableexperience and capabilities, and agrees to an affordable cost,the documentation requirements and the acquisition planmay be modified. For example, the schedule may be modified so that the user documentation is produced in phases alongwith the software development, or only the critical and most frequently used tasks may be documented.
NOTE 2ISO/EC 26514:2008 (lEEE Std 26514-2010) includes requirements for user documentation content.
6.2.3 Contract agreement
The acquirer shall prepare and negotiate a contract with the supplier that addresses the acquisitionrequirements, including the cost and schedule of the software product or service to be delivered. Acquirersand suppliers should agree on the overall schedules for the project, time, and cost.
The agreement between the acquirer and the supplier should clearly express the expectation, responsibilitiesand liabilities of both parties. The contract shall address intellectual property, usage, ownership, warranty, andlicensing rights associated with the user documentation or other deliverables. The contract shall define thedelivery media for documentation products. The contract shall specify the product authority and acceptancecriteria for the deliverable user documentation product or service.
The acquirer shall include or reference the process for tailoring requirements in the contract.
NOTEThe acquirer deterines whether the ter “contract” or “agreement” is to be used in the application of thisInternational Standard.
6.2.4 Contract management and monitoring
When the contract is underway, the acquirer shall cooperate with the supplier to provide necessaryinformation in a timely manner and promptly resolve pending issues. The acquirer shall provide reviews ofdrafts and interim deliverables within the time specified in the contract. The acquirer shall monitor thesupplier’s activities in accordance with the agreed upon review, reporting, and testing processes.
The acquirer should incorporate input from the documentation supplier into the project’s problem managementprocesses. Documentation developers are frequently the earliest reporters of software issues.
The acquirer shall control changes to the contract by negotiating with the supplier as part of a change controlmechanism. The acquirer and the supplier shall evaluate changes to the contract for user documentation fortheir impact on the overall software project plans, costs, benefits, quality, and schedule.
The contract change control mechanism should address the change management roles and responsibilitieslevel of formality of the proposed change requests and contract renegotiation, and communication to theaffected stakenolders.

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