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ISO/PAS 21448:2019 pdf free download.Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality.
The absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards resulting from functional insufficiencies of the intended functionality or by reasonably foreseeable misuse by persons is referred to as the Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF).
ISO/PAS 21448:2019 provides guidance on the applicable design, verification and validation measures needed to achieve the SOTIF.
ISO/PAS 21448:2019 does not apply to faults covered by the ISO 26262 series or to hazards directly caused by the system technology (e.g. eye damage from a laser sensor).
ISO/PAS 21448:2019 is intended to be applied to intended functionality where proper situational awareness is critical to safety, and where that situational awareness is derived from complex sensors and processing algorithms; especially emergency intervention systems (e.g. emergency braking systems) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with levels 1 and 2 on the OICA/SAE standard J3016 automation scales. This edition of the document can be considered for higher levels of automation, however additional measures might be necessary.
ISO/PAS 21448:2019 is not intended for functions of existing systems for which well-established and well-trusted design, verification and validation (V&V) measures exist at the time of publication (e.g. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) systems, airbag, etc.). Some measures described in this document are applicable to innovative functions of such systems, if situational awareness derived from complex sensors and processing algorithms is part of the innovation.
The safety of road vehicles during their operation phase is of paramount concern for the road vehicles industry. Recent years have seen a large increase in the number of advanced functionalities included
in vehicles. These rely on sensing, processing of complex algorithms and actuation implemented by electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems.
An acceptable level of safety for road vehicles requires the avoidance of unreasonable risk caused by every hazard associated with the intended functionality and its implementation, especially those not due to failures, e.g. due to performance limitations. ISO 26262-1 defines the vehicle safety as the absence of unreasonable risks that arise from malfunctions of the E/E system. ISO 26262-3 specifies a Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment to determine vehicle level hazards. This evaluates the potential risks due to malfunctioning behaviour of the item and enables the definition of top-level safety requirements,i.e. the safety goals, necessary to mitigate the risks. The other parts of the ISO 26262 series provide requirements and recommendations to avoid and control random hardware failures and systematic failures that could violate safety goals.

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