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ISO/TR 56004:2019 pdf free download.Innovation Management Assessment — Guidance.
ISO/TR 56004:2019 will help the user understand why it is beneficial to carry out an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA), what to assess, how to carry out the IMA, and thus maximize the resulting benefits.
Innovation is the key driver for organizations to create value from new products, services, processes, or business models. Therefore, innovation needs to be managed in a systematic manner. Many organizations have already established their innovation management (IM). This might build on key success factors such as the innovation strategy and objectives, the operations for innovation including the processes and organizational structures, and the innovation-enabling factors, the innovation support, including among others the innovation culture, tools and methods, competencies, human and financial resources. Managing innovation in a systematic manner creates value and secures the organization’s future. As a consequence, organizations seek guidance on continuously developing their innovation management capabilities and performance. A pre-requisite is transparency of the organization’s current performance of its IM. To achieve necessary transparency here, regular and effective assessments of the IM are essential. In this context, this document is designed to answer the following over-riding question: How can an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA) contribute to the future development of an organization and its IM?
This document provides guidance on why it is beneficial to implement an IMA, what you can expect from a good IMA, how to carry it out, and act upon the results of the IMA. More specifically, the document provides the fundamentals for considering an IMA and provides the foundation for carrying out such a process.
4 Reasons for carrying out an Innovation Management Assessment
Before initiating an IMA, it is preferable that the organization gains a thorough understanding of the reasons for carrying out an IMA, and about its current IM performance. There may be the need for clarity on the IM and how it is performing, or there may be the need for change in the organization to perform better. In the first case, the IMA’s objective is to provide insights into the current performance – both strengths, weaknesses and gaps to the desired value creation through better IM. This will be the basis for defining and implementing actions for improvement. In the second case, the IMA may yield a transformation roadmap including organizational changes to reach the level of a high-performing innovator. The following reasons may trigger an organization to initiate an IMA.ISO/TR 56004:2019 pdf download.

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