ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download

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ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download.Road vehicles — Flashers — Functional allocation of terminals.
Subcommittee ISO/TC 22/SC 3, Electrical connections, has studied the functional allocation of flasher terminals since 1971. In spite of efforts, and because of the large number of existing flashers on the market, the Subcommittee has not obtained the necessary substantial support for one type. At its last meeting in Budapest in May 1984, Subcommittee ISO/TC 22/SC 3 decided therefore to propose the publication of a Technical Report of type 1.
Scope and field of application
This Technical Report indicates the most important of the systems of flasher units used today. All of them have the same socket type, but each of them with a different functional allocation of the terminals.
This Technical Report shall prevent development of new flasher units having the same socket type according to ISO 7588 but with different functional allocations.
2 Reference
I SO 7588, Road vehicles — Relays and flashers — Mounting and positioning dimensions of male tabs and socket apertures for relays and flashers.
3 PosItioning and functional allocation of the terminals
3.1 PositIoning
The terminal positioning shown In the figure is specified In ISO 75.
Terminal numbers 1 to 5 are not terminal markings. They are used in this Technical Report only to show the functional allocation.ISO/TR 8857:1986 pdf download.

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