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ISO/TR 9774:1990 pdf download.Thermal-insulation materials — Application categories and basic requirements — Guidelines for the harmonization of International Standards and other specifications.
1.1 This Technical Report lists common applications for thermal insu lating products for insulating of buildings and gives guidance on the selection of minimum performance characteristics.
This Technical Report is intended to serve as a background document for standardization and to assist in the harmonization of specifications for
thermal insulating products of different origin.
This Technical Report is not intended to serve as a guide to users or Producers to prove the suitability of any particular product or any given application.
The product properties listed for application are expressed as minimum performance characteristics shall be maintained during the expected service life of the insulation within the structure.
1.2 When standards or specifications are established or existing stan
dards are revised on the basis of this Technical Report, the minimum performance characteristics of this Technical Report should in the standards or specifications be translated into product requirements (specified values) together with appropriate test methods, which must be fulfilled at the time of delivery, in order to ensure that the product fulfills the performance requirements in service. This relationship between specified values for the product and the service performance characteristic of the product in use can be different for different insulating products, depen ing on the characteristic of the material (e.g. aging or time-dependent behaviour). Not each basic requirement needs to be specified in each product standard, if it is obvious
– that certain requirements are always fulfilled.
– that several requirements can be covered by one specified property.

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