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ISO/TS 19700:2007 pdf download.Controlled equivalence ratio method for the determination of hazardous components of fire effluents.
This Technical Specification describes a tube-furnace method for the generation of fire effluent for the identification and measurement of its constituent combustion products, in particular, the yields of toxic products under a range of fire decomposition conditions.
It uses a moving test specimen and a tube furnace at different temperatures and air flow rates as the fire model. The use of this apparatus is generally applicable to individual materials, to products that are layered such that the layering will not result in a significant change in product yields with time in real fires, i.e. to products where the upper surface does not provide major protection to the sub-layers.
ISO/TS 19700 has been designed as a TC 92 Level Group B performance-based engineering method to provide data for input to hazard assessments and fire-safety engineering design calculations. The method can be used to model a wide range of fire conditions by using different combinations of temperature, non-flaming and flaming decomposition conditions and different fuel/oxygen ratios in the tube furnace.
Guidance on the choice of additional decomposition conditions is given in Annex A.
The data on toxic product concentrations and yields obtained using this Technical Specification may be used as part of the assessment of toxic potencies, in conjunction with toxic potency calculation methods in ISO 13344, and as an input to the toxic hazard assessment from fires in conjunction with fire growth and effluent dispersal modelling, and fractional effective dose (FED) calculation methods in ISO 13571.
Application of data from the tube-furnace test to the calculation of lethal toxic potency according to ISO 13344, and to the assessment of toxic hazards in fires according to ISO 13571 is considered in Annex B and Annex C, respectively.
Guidance on application of data from the tube-furnace test to health and safety assessments of combustion products, and to the assessment of environmental hazards of combustion products from fires is given in Annex D and Annex E, respectively. Guidance on the use of the tube-furnace method for bioassay purposes is given in Annex F.
The test method described in this Technical Specification can be used solely to measure and describe the properties of materials, products or systems in response to heat or flame under controlled laboratory conditions, It is not suitable to be used by itself for describing or appraising the fire hazard of materials, products or systems under actual fire conditions, or as the sole source on which regulations pertaining to toxicity can be based.ISO/TS 19700:2007 pdf free download.

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