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NSF ANSI ISO 14024-2001 pdf download Environmental labels and dec larations – Type I environmental labelling Principles and procedures
Life cycle stages to be taken into account when developing the product environmental criteria should include: extraction ol resources, manufacturing,distribution, use and disposal relating to relevant cross-media environmental indicators. Any departure from this comprehensive approach or selective use of restricted environmental issues shall be justified.
5.5 Selectivity Product environmental criteria shall be established to differentiate environmentally preferable products from others in the product category, based on a measurable difference in environmental impact. Product environmental criteria should differentiate between products only when these differences are significant. Testing and verification methodologies used to evaluate products have different levels of precision and accuracy. This should be considered when determining the significance of this difference. Once product environmental criteria are established according to the above paragraph, all products which meet the criteria shall be eligible to use the label.
5.6 Product environmental criteria
5.6.1 Life cycle considerations The product environmental criteria shall be based on indicators arising from life cycle considerations (see 6.4).
5.6.2 Basis of criteria The product environmental criteria should be set at attainable levels and give consideration to relative environmental impacts, measurement capability and accuracy.
5.7 Product function characteristics In developing the criteria, the ftness for purpose of the product and levels of performance shall be taken into account. International, regional or national standards for the product should be considered for use in the programme, according to the hierarchy for use of standards set out in ISO 14020.
NOTE In the context of environmental labelling, fitness for purpose implies that a product satisfies health, safety and consumer performance needs.
5.8 Validity of programme requirements
5.8.1 Period of validity The product environmental criteria and product function requirements for each product category shall be set for a predefined period.
5.8.2 Review period The product environmental criteria and product function requirements shall be reviewed within a predefined period, taking account of factors such as new technologies, new products, new environmental information and market changes. Review of the product environmental criteria and product functional requirements need not necessarily lead to changes in them.
5.9 Consultation A process of formal open participation among interested parties shall be established at the outset for the purpose of selecting and reviewing product categories,product environmental criteria and product function characteristics.

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