BS/EN 16282-3-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16282-3-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 16282-3-2016 pdf download.Equipment for commercial kitchens Components for ventilation in commercial kitchens Part 3: Kitchen ventilation ceilings; design and safety requirements. 5.6 Separators Separators of differing finishes and sizes shall have an identification which ensures that...
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BS/EN 16234-1-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16234-1-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 16234-1-2016 pdf download.e-Competence Framework (e-CF) A common European Framework for lOT Professionals in all industry sectors Part 1: Framework. 7.3.4 C.4. Problem Management (DIMENSION 2) The professional person possessing the competence Problem Management shall be able...
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BS/EN 16230-2-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16230-2-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 16230-2-2016 pdf download.Leisure karts Part 2 : Safety requirements for karting facilities. A safety margin is required between the edge of the track and the final stop barrier. 5.3.3 Track surfacing The track surfacing (excluding kerbs)...
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BS/EN 15308-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 15308-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 15308-2016 pdf download.Characterization of waste Determination of selected polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in solid waste by gas chromatography with electron capture or mass spectrometric detection. Perform a blank determination following the paragraphs of the procedure applied to...
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BS/EN 14984-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 14984-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 14984-2016 pdf download.Liming materials Determination of product effect on soil pH - Soil incubation method. 5.1 Reagents and materials 5.1.1 Reference soil, with the following characteristics: a) pH 5,6 to p11 6,4 in water, when determined...
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BS/EN 14582-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 14582-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 14582-2016 pdf download.Characterization of waste Halogen and sulfur content Oxygen combustion in closed systems and determination methods. NOTE 2 The ascorbic acid and large amount of nitrate may interfere with early eluting halogens (fluoride, chloride and...
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BS/EN 13257-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 13257-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 13257-2016 pdf download.Geotextiles and geotextilerelated products Characteristics required for use in solid waste disposals. The results of PTD tests shall be recorded and be available for inspection. The sample for the PTD tests shall be drawn...
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BS/EN 13075-1-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 13075-1-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 13075-1-2016 pdf download.Bitumen and bituminous binders Determination of breaking behaviour Part 1: Determination of breaking value of cationic bituminous emulsions, mineral filler method. 2 Normative references The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively...
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BS/EN 4534-2-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 4534-2-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 4534-2-2016 pdf download.Aerospace series Bushes, plain in aluminium alloy with self-lubricating liner, elevated load Part 2: Dimensions and loads — Inch series. 2 Normative references The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced...
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BS/EN 4474-2016 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 4474-2016 pdf download

BS/EN 4474-2016 pdf download.Aerospace series-Aluminium pigmented coatings - Coating methods. This BS/EN 4474 defines the coating methods and characteristics of aluminium pigmented coatings to EN 4473 whIch may be applied to fasteners in titanium, titanium alloys, heat...
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