Stock Market Manipulations Other documents

Stock Market Manipulations

Manipulation can occur in a variety of ways,from actions taken by insidersthat influence the stock price(e.g.,accounting and earnings manipulation suchas in the Enron case)to the release of false information or rumors in Internetchat rooms.Moreover,it is well known...
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The American Family and Family Economics Other documents

The American Family and Family Economics

The American family has not been destroyed by these changes,but it has been radically altered.Family structure has become more heterogeneous and less stable.Long-term marriage combined with childrearing is no longer a near-universal adultexperience,and the intense gender specialization...
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LLMs in Production pdf download E-books

LLMs in Production pdf download

This isn't just a Machine Learning Operations book.There are a lot of gotchas and pitfalls involved with making an LLM work in production because LLMs just don't work like traditional software solutions.To turn anLLM into a product...
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Hacking Cryptography pdf download E-books

Hacking Cryptography pdf download

Getting cryptography right is paramount for ensuring digital security in the modern world.The mathematical ideas and theory behind cryptography are quite hard to break,while theimplementations (transforming mathematical ideas to reality via engineering processes,e.g.,programming code and designing hardware)have...
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