ANSI NEIS-607-2011 pdf download

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ANSI NEIS-607-2011 pdf download Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding Planning and Installation Methods for Commercial Buildings
This American National Standard specifies aspects of planning and installation oftelecommunications bonding and grounding systems within a commercial building (see figure 1). This standard is intended to enhance the planning, specification and layout ofan effective telecommunications bonding and grounding system. Additionally, this standard specifies installa- tion requirements for components ofthe telecommunications bonding and grounding system.
The following standards and related applicable addenda contain provisions that, through reference in this text, constitute provisions ofthis standard:
IEEE C2-2007, National Electrical Safety Code®
ANSI/J-STD-607-A-2002, Commercial BuildingGrounding(Earthing) and Bonding Requirements forTelecommunications
NFPA 70™–2011, National Electrical Code I NFPA 70E®–2004, Standard forElectrical Safetyin theWorkplace At the time ofpublication, the editions listed above were current. As standards are subject to revision, users ofthis standard are encouraged to review and apply the latest published edition.
3.1 General This clause contains definitions ofterms, abbreviations, acronyms, and units ofmeasurement that have a special meaning or that are unique to the technical content ofthis standard. Specific requirements are found in the normative subclauses ofthis standard. The terms that are used in only one clause may be defined at the beginning ofthat clause.
3.2 Definitions bonded (bonding): Connected to establish electrical continuity and conductivity. (NEC®)
bonding conductor for telecommunications (BCT): A conductor that interconnects the building’s service or building’s feeder equipment (power) ground to the telecommunications grounding system. common bonding network (CBN): The principal means for effecting bonding and grounding inside a telecommunication building. It is the set ofmetallic components that are intentionally or incidentally interconnected to form the principal bonding net- work (BN) in a building. These components include structural steel or reinforcing rods, plumbing, alter- nating current (ac) power conduit, ac equipment grounding conductors (ACEGs), cable racks, and bonding conductors. The CBN always has a mesh topology and is connected to the grounding electrode system.

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