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ASTM D2939-98 pdf free download.Standard Test Methods for Emulsified Bitumens Used as Protective Coatings.
ASTM D2939-98 covers procedures for sampling and testing emulsified bitumens used in relatively thick films as protective coatings for metals and built-up roofs.
4.3 Take the samples for laboratory examination from the original containers immediately after stirring to a uniform condition. Restir individual or combined samples immediately before taking out portions for tests.
5. Uniformity
5. 1 Pmcedure—Examine the contents of a full container of not less than I L or 1 qI in volume that has stood undisturbed for 48 h.
5.2 Report—Make a notation of any separation of water, coagulation of the emulsified bitumen, or settlement of suspended matter that cannot be overcome by moderate agitation.
6. Resistance to Freezing
6. I Procedure—Expose a representative specimen of the emulsion to a temperature of —1 8°C (0°F) for 24 h, then warm the specimen in an environment not exceeding 100°F and stir thoroughly.
6.2 Report—Make a notation if the specimen was unable to return to a homogeneous consistency when stirred.
20. Direct Flame Test
20.1 Test Procedure—Use the coated side of the panels from Section 14 when at room temperature. Mount the panels in a vertical position and subject them to the blue flame of a bunsen burner applied at the center of the coated area for exactly 10 s. Remove the flame and afer 10 s record any continued combustion of the coating.
20.2 Report—Again apply the flame of the bunsen burner, this time continuously to the center of the coated area, and make observations for slipping, run-down, or loss or charred material from the test panel during the direct-flame test. Do not record slight bleeding of oiiy material at the area contacted by the flame as run-down.
29.2 During the interlaboratory study to determine precision of the weight per gallon. residue by evaporation, and ash content tests, no other test methods were evaluated. Therethre, no statement about bias with reference to these three tests can be made.
29.3 No statement is made about either the precision or bias ottest methods in Sections 5, 6, 12, 14, 15. 16, 17. 18, 20. 22, 25, 26, and 27. since the result merely states whether there is conformance to the criteria for success specified in these procedures.
29.4 With reference to Sections 9, 11, 13, 19, 21. 23, and 24, precision and bias statements are currently being developed.
30. Keywords
30. 1 asphalt; bitumen; coal tar; coating; emulsified.

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