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BS EN ISO 15112:2018,Natural gas – Energy determination.BS EN ISO 15112:2018 pdf can be downloaded here for free.
BS EN ISO 15112:2018 provides the means for energy determination of natural gas by measurement or by calculation, and describes the related techniques and measures that are necessary to take. The calculation of thermal energy is based on the separate measurement of the quantity, either by mass or by volume, of gas transferred and its measured or calculated calorific value. The general means of calculating uncertainties are also given.
Since the early 1800s, it has been general practice for manufactured gas and, subsequently natural gas to be bought and sold on a volumetric basis. Much time and effort has therefore been devoted to developing the means of flow measurement.
Because of the increasing value of energy and variations in gas quality, billing on the basis of therma energy has now become essential between contracting partners and the need to determine calorific value by measurement or calculation has led to a number of techniques. However, the manner in which calorific value data are applied to flow volume data to produce the energy content of a given volume of natural gas has been far from a standardized procedure.
Energy determination is frequently a necessary factor wherever and whenever natural gas is metered, from production and processing operations through to end-user consumption. This document has been uidance to users of how energy units for billing purposes are derived, based on either measurement or alculation or both, to increase confidence in results for contracting partners.
Other standards relating to natural gas, flow measurement, calorific value measurement, calculation procedures and data handling with regard to gas production, transmission and distribution involving purchase, sales or commodity transfer of natural gas can be relevant to this document
This document contains eleven informative annexes.

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