ISO/ASTM 52921:2013 pdf download ASTM Standards

ISO/ASTM 52921:2013 pdf download

ISO/ASTM 52921:2013,Standard terminology for additive manufacturing — Coordinate systems and test methodologies. ISO/ASTM 52921:2013 pdf free download. ISO/ASTM 52921:2013 includes terms, definitions of terms, descriptions of terms, nomenclature, and acronyms associated with coordinate systems and testing methodologies...
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ISO/ASTM 52900:2015 pdf download ASTM Standards

ISO/ASTM 52900:2015 pdf download

ISO/ASTM 52900:2015,Additive manufacturing — General principles — Terminology.ISO/ASTM 52900:2015 pdf free download. A1.1 Additive shaping of materials Al. 1. I The functionality of a manufactured object is derived from the combination of the objects geometry and properties....
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ISO/ASTM 52903-1:2020 pdf download ASTM Standards

ISO/ASTM 52903-1:2020 pdf download

ISO/ASTM 52903-1:2020,Additive manufacturing — Material extrusion-based additive manufacturing of plastic materials — Part 1: Feedstock materials. This pdf file is free to download,and the size of this document is 2.55M. ISO/ASTM 52903-1:2020 is intended for use by...
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