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THIS BOOK is an unintended sequel to my Papa/Sin(2000)-unintended because I thought that book treated a narrowly defined and self-enclosed topic,the papacy’s dishonesty in its recent (anti-modern)era.Some read the book as something else,which they indicated by changingthe title,from Papa/Sin to Papa/Sins-as if I were covering the whole subject of papal misbehavior over the centuries.It is true that I dealt with anumber of disparate things-from papal treatment of Jews to claims of priestly prerogative,from documents on gays to condemnations of artificial insemination.But these were brought up not for consideration in themselves,only for the way dishonesty was used,in recent times,todefend whatever papal position was involved.Some Catholics asked why I was exposing the church’s “dirty linen,”though I did not mention anything that had not been fully ventilated in public.The newspapers had been full of controversy over pedophile priests,or papal relations withJews,or the dissent of Catholic women and gays.Those were all out in the open.I revealed nothing about them,in fact,some conservative critics of my book dismissed it as containing “nothing new.”

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